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Zumba Fitness

Classes 6 Days a Week!

9:15 a.m.

Teens - Adults

$5 per person

There is no sign-up, just pay at the door.

*Sorry, no class on Tuesdays

Zumba is an aerobic workout with movements inspired by Latin Dance. Enjoy upbeat music and fun fitness in a welcoming place with plenty of space to be comfortable as you dance your way into fitness! Zumba Fitness uses a mix of low-intensity and high-intensity moves that create an interval workout for effective fitness training. It's designed to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, boost energy, increase stamina and endurance, tone muscles, and more.

The Zumba instructors are positive, energetic coaches who will get you moving to this workout that feels more like dancing! When you enjoy your workout, you are more likely to stay with it. Aerobic exercise can also help boost your mood and reduce stress. Get started today!


Sarah's Zumba Classes





Sarah Loyd Fitness Instructor

Sarah Lloyd


Judy and Jill are sisters

and teach Zumba on


Judy and Jill

Lexi's Zumba classes are on


Zumbapic3 (4)_edited_edited.jpg

Lexi Kenrick

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