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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What dances do you teach?
    Ballroom Latin Club Swing Country Wedding Social Competition
  • Who will I dance with?
    Everyone. While couples are welcome to stay together, other participants in the class are asked to rotate to new dance partners throughout the lesson to ensure a wide variety of experiences and practice for everyone. In private lessons, you dance with your instructor, and if you come as a couple, you also dance together.
  • Can couples stay together during lessons?
    Yes, of course! When it's time to change dance partners, just take a step back so others will know to pass you and go to the next dancer.
  • What if I have never danced before?
    That's okay! We're here to help you learn to dance and get comfortable on the dance floor.
  • Do I need to know all the dances before attending dance parties?
    No, you don't need to know all the dances, however, if you have never danced before, then we recommend taking a couple of lessons (group or private) first so you will be more comfortable on the dance floor. If you are a beginner, when someone asks you to dance, let them know you are a new dancer so that person will not expect you to dance at a level you are not ready for yet. If the person asking you to dance is one of our regular attendees, he or she will be happy to adjust to your skill level.
  • What if I already know how to dance?
    You can take private lessons to learn more advanced dance skills, attend group classes to learn new dances, and participate in student/instructor dance competitions! Enjoy practicing what you already know at our dance parties too. Stay humble and have fun! If you enjoy teaching others to dance, then you may want to consider taking our instructor certification course.
  • What is the instruction like?
    The instruction is excellent and conducted by very accomplished teachers. Lessons are taught using traditional teaching methods, which will give you the best results. You will learn to dance the right way, giving you a solid foundation of dance skills to build on as your dancing progresses. This method of teaching will also help you look more polished on the dance floor.
  • What are the classes like?
    Classes are both challenging and fun, and they are designed to get you comfortable on the dance floor and dancing socially as quickly as possible. Group dance classes are casual social gatherings where you can enjoy learning to dance with others. Everyone rotates dance partners throughout the lesson, and sometimes participants line up and follow along with the instructor while learning new steps. Couples are welcome to stay together during the lesson. Your instructor will demonstrate the steps and call them out as everyone follows. Everyone will practice the steps several times, and the instructor will observe the class and assist those who need more direction. Some instructors will also take turns dancing with students. Then, the instructor will show another set of steps for everyone to learn and practice. The instructor will adjust the lesson to the skill level of those in attendance. Many of our classes are followed by a social dance where everyone can practice what they just learned in class. Dancing with others who have various skill levels will help you gain experience more quickly. Our regular attendees will adjust to your skill level when you let them know that you are a beginner. Our goal is for everyone to have the opportunity to learn and practice in a comfortable social setting. Private lessons are taught in a shared space where others may be learning and practicing dancing too, so the atmosphere is always exciting! Your instructor will teach you dances and practice them with you while answering your questions and helping you with any dance steps you need to practice more. These lessons let you learn at your own pace, and your instructor will personalize your lessons to help you reach your dance goals. This one-on-one instruction also provides time for you to work with your instructor on improving your technique so you can look more polished on the dance floor.
  • What should I wear?
    Most classes are casual, so casual business attire that is comfortable to move in is always appropriate. Avoid shorts, athletic wear, flip-flops, shoes with very high heels, and sneakers that grip the floor. Shoes that will stay on your feet while dancing and that have soles that will slide on the wood floor are best. Remember, this is a social event, so please dress accordingly and pay attention to personal hygiene.
  • What are the age groups?
    Ages 4 and up for private lessons, and parents should plan to stay in the studio during their child's lesson. When booking a lesson for a dance student under 13 years old, please let us know so we select a dance instructor who teaches that age group. There are no official age requirements for group classes and dance parties, however, we strongly recommend guardians participate with minors. Exceptions can be made at the instructor’s discretion.
  • How much do lessons cost?
    Most group classes are $10-$12. All class prices can be found on our calendar. Since most of the dance teachers at our studio are independent instructors, prices for private lessons vary. For pricing, please use the Get Started Form so we can recommend an instructor for you, or you can request a specific instructor. There is no obligation. We are a friendly local dance studio, so please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!
  • Can my child wait in the studio while I have my dance lesson?
    There is no childcare available, so please plan on enjoying some time with the adults. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Do you offer private group lessons?
    Yes! You can book a private group lesson for you and your friends, your wedding party, retirement community residents, students, and more!
  • Can I book a private event?
    Yes, you can! Our place is great for parties and other events. We have a large dance floor with plenty of room for lots of guests, tables and chairs, buffet tables, a gift table, a photo booth, a band or DJ, and more! You also have the option of booking a group dance lesson for your guests, and we have a sound system and music available for use. Reserving the ballroom for an event with outside catering and without music and dancing is okay too! Learn more about booking an event or get started!
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    Yes! Gift certificates are available at the front desk for any amount.
  • Is it okay to bring food and drinks inside the ballroom?
    Yes, we just ask that you keep things neat and clean for everyone's comfort and enjoyment, and please do not bring foods containing peanut products due to the potential risk of a severe allergic reaction in attendees with a nut allergy. Thank you!
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