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About Us

Sharing our love of dance

For over 15 years, we have been sharing our love of dance with the community and enjoying seeing the joy in others when they discover how much fun they have dancing! When you visit us, you will find friendly faces, an easy-going atmosphere, and a comfortable place where you can learn and practice dancing with others.

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Terry Schmoyer, Owner and Founder

Terry was born and raised on a farm in Pennsylvania and was brought up to believe that people are intrinsically good and that some people just need a little help along the way. Terry loves to help others, which led him to teach children the disciplines that he learned in martial arts and that helped him in his own life's journey.


In 1996, Terry moved to Arizona, and it was here that he discovered ballroom dancing. Terry became an instructor after two years, and after ten years of dancing competitively and instructing, he decided to start his own dance studio and opened Fatcat Ballroom in 2008. His goal was to have a place where everyone could come to dance and experience the positive and life-changing impact it could have on their lives.

Dance Instructors

Meet the incredibly talented group of independent dance instructors who give dance lessons at our studio, participate in our dance events for charity, and contribute to Fatcat Ballroom's overall success.

Laura Bates, Mona Brandt, Chad and Marie Burson, Natalie Crandall, Keith Cyrnek, Tina French, Igor, Ivan Khudoliy and Alisa Seleznova, Genadi Lulchev, Miguel, Vladi Pavlov, Oleksiy Pigotskyy, Oleg Teleha, Anastasiia Zhuchenko

Administrative Team Members

AJ, Susan, Lindsay, Joe, Chris, Mel, Texas John, Lily, and Laurie

These folks welcome you to the ballroom, answer the phone and your questions, book lessons, set up events, and perform many other essential duties to keep things running smoothly in the studio. Their contributions are an important part of our business's success.

More Instructors

We also welcome several other independent instructors to our studio. They offer feel-good fitness, yoga, and dance classes for increased energy, relaxation, and fun! Be sure to check out our fitness calendar for class times and join us!

Sarah Lloyd - Zumba | Strength Training

Lexi Kenrick - Zumba

Judy and Jill - Zumba

Haley Cloud - Holy Yoga

Patricia - Chair Yoga

Thank you everyone!

- Terry

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