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Vladi Pavlov

Professional Dance Instructor

• Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor

• Pro DanceSport Coach

• 15+ years of experience

• Ballroom Dance including Latin and Country

• Private Lessons • Individuals • Couples

• Wedding Dances

• Social Dancing • Competition Coaching

• Beginner-Advanced • Ages 6 and up

• No partner is needed

Vladi teaches social and competitive dance and participates in Pro/Am, instructor/student, dance competitions. He coaches his students to reach their goals and always encourages everyone to have fun while dancing!

Vladi was born and raised in Bulgaria and fell in love with dancing at a young age, achieving numerous junior titles in his country.

He came to the United States in 2007 and taught at Fred Astaire Dance Studio for three years before becoming an independent instructor.

Vladi has enjoyed great success teaching his students! He is an independent instructor and gives lessons at Fatcat Ballroom!

For scheduling and information about lessons, click here to get started!

Arizona dance instructor who teaches beginners Ballroom, Latin, and Club dancing at Fatcat Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona.

Come Dancing!

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