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Tina French

Professional Dance Instructor

• Professional Dancer Instructor

• 9+ years of experience

• West Coast Swing

• Private Lessons • Individuals • Couples

• Group Classes

• Social Dancing

• Beginner-Advanced

• No partner is needed

Tina loves dancing and teaching West Coast Swing and successfully coaches her students in private lessons and group classes. Tina is currently the President of the Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club, which teaches group classes at Fatcat Ballroom on Friday nights. West Coast Swing is a popular dance primarily done to today's music, and it is often seen in Club and Country dancing. West Coast Swing has a slow, smooth style, and is danced in a slotted pattern with dancers moving in towards each other and back again continuously throughout the dance. The dance has basic steps that dancers can adjust as they improvise their dance moves to songs while adding their own style. Tina is an independent dance instructor, and she gives lessons at Fatcat Ballroom.

For scheduling and information about lessons, click here to get started!

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Come Dancing!

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