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Genadi Lulchev

Professional Dance Instructor

• Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor

• Pro DanceSport Coach

• 16+ years of experience

• Ballroom Dance including Latin and Country

• Private Lessons • Individuals • Couples

• Group Classes • Wedding Dances

• Social Dancing • Competition Coaching

• Beginner - Advanced

• No partner is needed

• FADS Certified

Genadi teaches social and competitive dance and participates in Pro/Am, instructor/student dance competitions. Genadi was born in Bulgaria and was in his first dance competition at age seven. He began his successful professional career competing, then coaching junior couples, whom he helped achieve great success in dance competitions throughout Europe. In 2006, Genadi moved to the United States and began working as a dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in New York City, where he became certified in International and American Ballroom Dance and consistently achieved top teacher awards. Genadi is an independent dance instructor, and he gives lessons at Fatcat Ballroom.

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Experienced Wedding Dance Instructor For Affordable Wedding Dance Lessons in Phoenix, Arizona 85032, at Fatcat Ballroom and Dance Studio - Marie Burson

Come Dancing!

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