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Welcome to Fatcat Ballroom

We are a locally owned dance studio offering dance lessons for beginners and experienced dancers of all ages. 

Dance Calendar

Click on a dance or event to see more information, and scroll down in the event to see all the details!

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Come dance with us!

Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons are personalized just for you! Choose the dances you like best and learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. These lessons are best when you need to learn in time for an event!

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Group Dance Classes

Walk-in dance classes are available 7 days a week. Ballroom, Latin, Club, Swing, Country - Try them all and find your favorite! Learn and practice dancing with others in a casual and welcoming place.

Dance Competitions

Enjoy a fun and exciting dance experience when you participate in student/instructor dance competitions! Coaching is open to students of all ages and skill levels. Ballroom, Country, and Latin dances.

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Book an Event

Reserve the ballroom for your next event! The large dance floor has plenty of room for a large group of people to dance, many tables and chairs, buffet and gift tables, and more. It's a great place to celebrate!

Check out our videos on Instagram and Facebook! 

Dances We Teach




American & International







Book a group dance lesson for your birthday


Reserve the Ballroom

and have your party here!

Upcoming Events

Check for upcoming events and join us for Potlucks,

Live Big Band Music,

Themed Dances like our popular and fun Luau Party,

BBQ Game Days, and more!

Private Lessons


Individuals-Couples Groups


You can also book a private group lesson for fun with your friends and family, special occasions, events, students and more!

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Dance Competitions

Do you love a good challenge and enjoy some friendly competition?


Join us for an exciting time at local and national dance competitions that are open to student/instructor teams!


Fatcat Ballroom

                                                       Where memories are made...

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Get updates on classes, fun events, and more!

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New to Argentine Tango?

In this dance, instead of a lead and a follower,

both partners contribute equally by using

dance movements to communicate throughout

the dance as they take turns initiating and

responding with dance moves.

Join us tonight and learn this popular dance!

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